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Positive Expectancy


Karate proves a sound body makes a sound mind. Serious students of the art find that their mental outlook on life broadens as a result of their training.” 

Jack Hwang

The most important thing is self-discipline. If you cannot control your mind, you cannot control your body at all.”

Dr. Sang Kee Paik

Karate teaches self-defense, character building and humility. Karate really means respect for one another.”

Ki Whang Kim





September is Back to School Month!

Start any time in September and get 1 month of karate + uniform for $99


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Self Defense Classes for Adults, Teens and Chlldren


Over the past 39 years, the DC Self Defense Karate Association has established itself as an exceptional school in the Washington, DC area. DCSDKA has prided itself on providing high-quality instruction, attracting a large number of students from the DC area. Walk into DCSDKA and you immediately feel the energy and enthusiasm!


Led by Grandmaster, Carol Middleton, 7th Degree Black Belt, each student is trained expertly in the martial arts. At our studio, you get more than just physical training, discipline and self-defense. You’ll also find yourself making many new friends and training partners. Business professionals, teachers, students, moms, dads and even entire families all train together in a healthy and positive environment. In fact, many of the parents who train at DCSDKA never intended to study martial arts at all. They came to watch their children. But, after making friends with some of the other parents (including some who were already students), they got caught up in the excitement and soon found themselves out on the floor kicking like everyone else.

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By studying martial arts and self-defense, your child will learn not only physical training and discipline, but mental training as well. These are the skills they need to be successful in school and in life. DCSDKA is committed to fostering excellence in education and hard work. We work with parents to develop a plan of action and goal-setting to support each individual child.

All of our children’s classes teach ‘age-appropriate’ self-defense. The programs focus on discipline, respect, confidence, focus and self-control. These basic skills are the foundation of personal safety habits that they can use for the rest of their lives. All of the children’s programs are effective in violence prevention and building self-esteem.

All beginner children start out in classes at their own age levels:

Turtles (ages 4-7)

Ninjas (ages 8-12)

Teens (ages 13-19)


Taking karate has been great for my mind, body, and spirit! Grandmaster Middleton is dynamic, knowledgeable, and motivating and everyone in the dojang, from the smallest children to the adult black belts, cultivate an atmosphere of encouragement, respect, and sharing. I have made many new friends whom I look forward to seeing every week! -- Todd, Brown Belt

I learned how rare a community DCSDKA is when I moved away and could find nothing like it anywhere. -  Michelle, Yellow Belt