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Positive Expectancy


Karate proves a sound body makes a sound mind. Serious students of the art find that their mental outlook on life broadens as a result of their training.” 

Jack Hwang


The most important thing is self-discipline. If you cannot control your mind, you cannot control your body at all.”

Dr. Sang Kee Paik


Karate teaches self-defense, character building and humility. Karate really means respect for one another.”

Ki Whang Kim



Who We Are

DCSDKA instructors are dedicated to helping others and sharing our joy of martial arts and self-defense.  Teaching in a professional and caring manner is very important to us. At DCSDKA you will start by learning martial arts and self-defense basics, and effective communication skills. You may choose later to also become part of a teaching and mentoring program, a leadership program and /or a Black Belt training program. We believe that every student, no matter your age or current physicality can learn to do karate at a high level.

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About Grandmaster Carol Middleton

After studying martial arts with acclaimed Grandmasters Jack Hwang in Oklahoma (under whom she opened her first school), Sang Kee Paik in Wisconsin and Ki Whang Kim in Maryland, Grandmaster Carol Middleton opened her school in Washington, DC in 1976. From the beginning, she was committed to sharing the skills and challenges of traditional martial arts plus realistic, practical safety strategies and the emotional skills and philosophy that can last a lifetime.

Grandmaster Middleton has also taught a multitude of workshops and community classes in the metro DC area and has shared her knowledge through many TV and radio programs such as the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN and Diane Rehm.

In addition, Grandmaster Middleton brought to the DC area DC IMPACT in 1989 (full-force self-defense training) and Krav Maga DC in 2001. She is a co-founder of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation and has also trained hundreds of self-defense instructors and students in Canada, Austria, England, Russia and Kenya.

I think some of the most important thing I learned from Grandmaster Middleton was to never give up, believe in myself, respect the art and others and to expect the unexpected! I know that last one was used mostly in exams but I find it happens in life as well. I don’t take anything for granted and when something happens off the cuff, I remember that phrase!" Cathie R


 2012 Black Belt Exam